"I want my horses to be able to display their beauty in full freedom"

Artistic direction

Alejandro Barrionuevo was born in Malaga in 1983, from a very young age he began to ride and collaborate with his father Miguel Barrionuevo, who guided and taught him. 

“On horseback is the best way I know how to express what I feel. I use equestrian art to give meaning to my ideas and to express my vision of seeing the world, its humanity, what we are and our entire existence. When I get on a horse I become an extremely sensitive man, who is able to close his eyes and feel the world that he sometimes does not feel from below. They, those majestic and imposing beauties have enseñado la grandeza de la vida” 

He is responsible for the company and the director of all its works. Artistic rider, choreographer and illuminator of his own shows.

The union between art and horses is something that comes in Alejandro's blood and the Barrionuevo family has dedicated their entire life to this artistic discipline. In addition to their own productions and collaborations with international shows, in 2003 they participated with the creation of the famous German company Apassionata. To this day Alejandro continues to participate as an artistic rider in his European tours.


"For me, my horses are like a dancer's body, or a singer's voice"

The equestrian theater

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