"The moments of my shows are based on the connection between horses and humans so that our horses can interpret freely and that improvisation is part of the act, no show is the same as the other that is why it makes it so special"


A purebred Spanish at its best. Resplandor is ten years old and is a horse that exudes beauty in each of its movements. His physique is monumental, and his noble heart make him a horse whose specialty is teamwork.


Imposing expression and golden fur, similar to the reflection of the sun in the sand. Sinatra looks like the son of gods. Its great beauty, tranquility and audacity make it unique and very special. He stars in our play Essentia, becoming perfectly an actor who performs and performs majestic dance movements. . Sinatra .


Expressive and energetic. He has a very rare artistic taming. His physical and mental balance allows him to perform beautiful backward gallop exercises, making him a very special horse in ours .


A purebred Spanish at its best. Resplandor is ten years old and is a horse that exudes beauty in each of its movements. His physique is monumental, and his noble heart make him a horse whose specialty is teamwork.


Father of the pack since the great maestro D. Miguel Barrionuevo took him to the top with a performance on a grand piano specially made for him and making his audience enjoy during the 3 seasons that he was part of the Apassionata team. Continuing with other international shows such as Pura Pasión and Al-Andalús, being the main protagonist. To this day, the emperor continues to have great importance in Artequus Théâtre, playing the role of player. Still, every time he comes out on stage, he is again.


This Arabian horse is a champion, a winner, and he knows it. He has been awarded several times as champion of the Arab race in Poland ridden by our rider Marta, with whom he has an exceptional complicity. He is 14 years old and has performed with us in Apassionata y Kalazagan .


Esso is a purebred Arabian stallion that stands out for the beauty of his features. His expressive face and the strength of his gaze have made him a model for numerous photographic and audiovisual reports. Esso grows in front of the cameras and in front of the public gaze, he is an artist who enjoys running freely with the herd.


His name is due to the sympathy of his character and the pride with which he waves his long manes when he plays. He is a ten-year-old purebred Spanish whose specialty is prancing. Its size smaller than others in the herd, allows it to move with grace and spontaneity.

His heart and dedication to work for art make this purebred Spanish a key piece in the herd. Sapphire is a gemstone whose specialty is the pole, and that combines that connection with the rider, with a passion for teamwork. His rarity also means that he needs a lot of love and trust when he works. He is ten years old and has been part of the Apassionata team for two seasons Apassionata


Sultán He is one in full development of his potential and his career as an artist that has been in our pack for a short time. She is five years old and this season she makes her debut on the show Unalome. He stands out for his good character and personality, and his specialty is High School.


Elektra She is the youngest of the pack, who has captured the hearts of all members of the family. She is a one-year-old Lusitanian filly who is going to make her debut from so young for the first time in our show Unalome.

A born leader, Zíngaro is one of the most important horses in the herd, due to his ability to balance the energy of the group. In his man-horse connection, this eight-year-old Lusitanian is exceptional, as he makes each rider feel like a true dancer by performing his exercises. His specialty is High School.


Felipe has shared his charisma and sympathy with us most of his life. He came to Artequus when he was only a two-year-old foal and been tamed and groomed in the house. His specialty is the High School and he masterfully performs exercises such as the inn. He is a seven-year-old Lusitanian horse that has already worked at Apassionata and Unalome.


El nombre de este viene de la mitología eslava, Perún el dios supremo del panteón, el dios del trueno y del rayo. Y su carácter parece forjado por el mismo dios de la guerra. Jinete y caballo se convierten en un equipo de batalla invencible. Perún es un caballo lusitano de doce años y que forma parte del equipo de Apassionata y Unalome.

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