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Artequus goes beyond the life that corresponds to me. It was a captivated dream, the dream of the life of my father, Miguel Barrionuevo, and it has become my way, means and disposition to live. He, the forerunner of large-format fantasy shows with history, created in me a commitment that today leads me to invent a theater that does not exist. An equestrian ritual.

A way of life, an unusual style, to live by and for this art that means so much to me. Feel the smell of my horses in the hands or the simple rustling of their teeth at mealtime; His gaze on me every time I pass by his stables. Feelings so deep that I lack life to love.

He has his heart in me and in each of his humans and horses. Its roots are in the fervor of the creative moment and in the cruelest intimacy of myself. Each movement, each scene and each second seeks to transmit, represent and express the reflection of the splendor that for a few moments and at some point in life has shone before the eyes of my spirit.

Subjective representations, aimed at art lovers, to make greater efforts of imagination.

Attending an Artequus play is an unusual experience, in which the sound of hooves, the neighing of a horse and the surrender of our entire being, will take you into an opulent and sublime story that mixes theater, dance, music and other artistic disciplines.

We will try that your dreams are bigger than your fears and the facts are more present than your words.


“With the dawn of our beautiful Andalusia and with the first rays of the sun, I feel how all the aromas of my land awaken. I feel so happy! but silence calls me and my horse fills me with nostalgia ”. (Excerpt: Pure Passion Narration)

The Asian atmosphere, the strength of the horses running freely on the track, the beauty of the geese, the geishas and the live East-West fusion music fill with magic and offer the public an unrepeatable experience.

We enjoy what we know and want to do with our way of life and we share it with The Family, in this way each one exercises the rank that makes them happy.

A great family in which equines and humans become brothers of existence and we vehemently share our great passion. A very great Family, who works day by day without rest. We always breathe with them, the horses.

I can't promise to love you all my life, but until the end of mine.



Marta Woltosz
Ana gutierrez Garesse
Antonio Escalona
Antonio Bello
Ana Lorenzo Rodríguez




Don Orgulloso


To take care of the horses throughout the year:

Stable manager: Antonio Escalona
Horse care: Mia Isacson


To create and execute its works, Artequus Théâtre relies on an administrative team:

Director: Alejandro Barrionuevo
Accounting manager: Antonio Escalona
Head of Communication: María Sánchez
Marketing Manager: Antonio Fortes


Director: Alejandro Barrionuevo
Creation assistant: Rocío García
Lighting Director: Miguel Montañez
Lighting Technician: Cristina Montilla
Sound editor: David Sarmiento
Technicians on stage: Rafael Requena
Costume Designer: Marta Woltosz
Design and realization of scenery and props: Marta Woltosz and Slawomir Oldakowski
Video production: Pablo Bedoya. Cristina Martínez and Emilio León
Photography: Marta Woltosz and Daya Valecillos
Design, advertising and web: María Sánchez, Juan Manuel Montes, Jose Miguel Cisneros, Pablo Bedoya and Katibu


Flamenco dancer and choreographer: Rocío García
Contemporary dance: Ana Barrionuevo and Iro Vas
Dancer and multidisciplinary artist: Konstantin Lupasko
Actors: Rocío García, Ana Barrionuevo and Jamp Palô
Musicians: Ramón Barranquero, Tony Romero, Manuel Olmo, Juanma Lucas and Jose Carlos García

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